The HittList

The HittList

The HittList is a free subscription email for medical writers and other industry professionals that is sent out about once a week. The HittList contains info about science/medical writing/editing jobs, both staff and freelance and has been in service since 2001 (see “origin of The HittList” below for more info).

To writers seeking work:

After you have subscribed, you will receive about 1 email a week, usually on Friday, containing information about jobs related to medical writing. Under no circumstances will your email address be sold for any third-party purposes. Please note, every attempt is made to post only legitimate jobs, but you must make the final decision about whether a job is legitimate.

To send a job to The HittList:

The HittList depends on you sharing information about the jobs you hear about. Please email any job openings.

When sending a job, please make sure that:

  • The job is relevant to science or medical writers and editors.
  • You have provided contact info and a brief description of the position.
  • The contact person about to receive applications is aware that the job is being posted here. They are likely to receive many emails (> 30) as a result of the posting and might not appreciate all that email!

To employers seeking writers:

If you wish to find a medical writer, freelance or staff, please email a detailed job description containing contact information. Put the job posting in the body of the email or send an attachment. It will be sent out in the next HittList email and the writers will respond directly to the contact email on the job posting. Leave off the phone number if you don’t want phone calls. Currently the HittList has approximately 5000 subscribers–many of whom specialize in therapeutic areas and/or have advanced degrees in the sciences. A freelance job will typically generate more than 30 responses. A posting for an onsite staff job will typically generate about 0-5+ responses, depending on various attributes of the job.

Example of typical job posting format

  • Job title: eg, medical writer
  • Status: fulltime/contract/temporary/part-time/off-site/telecommute
  • Location (especially if job is onsite): eg, Trenton, NJ
  • Pay range (optional): eg, 100K
  • Brief job description, skills required: eg, experience with NDAs; background in oncology
  • Qualifications: eg, MD/PhD preferred; 5 years’ regulatory writing experience
  • Request for samples: eg, please provide your 1 most relevant writing sample and resume
  • Contact info: put your email, (phone number optional). Tip: to keep your identity anonymous, you can create a Yahoo account and have them respond to that if you want.

To advertise on The HittList:

See the attached HITT List pricing information below.

Nascent HITT LIST ad info Aug 2017


Anyone can sign up to The HittList. We cannot vouch for the quality or truthfulness of any writer that responds to your posting. It’s up to you to check out the applicants carefully.

Origin of The HittList:

Emma Nichols started The HittList (formerly Jobslist) in 2001 after realizing that professional organizations in existence to serve medical and science writers actually charge employers quite a significant sum to post freelance and staff writing jobs. I therefore started always and forever FREE HittList service.  The goal of The HittList is to provide a FREE service to medical and science writers who want to tell their fellow writers about job openings (freelance or fulltime). We try not to post obvious scams, but be warned, the job posts are not regulated or checked out, and anyone can sign up.

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