Case Studies

How do we help our clients? We have provided just a few examples below. Please reach out if any questions to

White Papers for a Biotech Company

One example of a project that we are working on is the creation of nine, 2500-word white papers over the next few weeks. We have 6 writers assigned to the project. Our client, a scientific director at a mid-sized biotech company, simply provided an example of a white paper and the nine topics that she wanted us to write about. We then assigned the best writers to the job and created the outlines for the client’s approval. We are now finishing the final drafts based on the approved outlines. These will be reviewed on our end to make sure they are excellent before they get sent to the client. Of course, any modifications needed, we are happy to do. Easy! Stress free!

Audio Notes for a CME Provider

We have one medical education company who has been a regular client with us for over 3 years. They send us multiple audio recordings of doctors speaking about specific topics. We then take that audio, get transcripts made. Then, our highly skilled MD- and PhD-level medical writers go through the audio, making sure that the transcript is accurate (not necessarily a simple thing with medical terminology and sometimes accents). The writers then cut down the transcript into a very specific format, carefully considering what should be included to provide the best educational experience for the end user, ie, clinicians earning CME credits.

Multiple News Articles on Demand

Here’s another example of how we help our clients. One of our long-time clients is a leading producer of healthcare related news. We routinely write at least ten news pieces a month for them (112 pieces this year!). They are long-form news articles about a single published study, at least 600 words, and require an interview with the study author and background information. The articles are prepared in a specific format, which includes references at the end and a bulleted list summarizing the most important study results. We have a team of 7 writers who are fully trained in this format, so whenever this client needs a news piece (sometimes several at one time), we are able to provide these pieces without fail within a 7- to 10-day deadline.

Filling in When Internal Resources Are Stretched Thin

One of our valued clients is a mid-sized medical communications agency that prepares medical science liaison and sales training materials. Right in the middle of their busy season, one of their key medical writer/editors left unexpectedly and their internal resources were already stretched thin. They were able to reach out to us, and within minutes we had lined up a couple of medical writers who could complete their medical writing projects and do multiple editing assignments with a 24-hour turnaround. Our client was able to fill the position within a few weeks and no longer needed as much help, which was fine with us (we go away when not needed!). But we’re glad we could help them out during their time of need; we like to play “the hero” for our clients.

If we can assist with anything, please reach out to