Getting your medical writing company to rank on Google

Trying to grow your medical writing company and know you know you need to work on your marketing strategy? Today we are sharing tips on getting your medical writing company to rank on Google.<h/3>

In the latest episode of the Medical Writers Speak podcast Emma talks to Amy Tippins, CEO of RTL Digital Media, a company that helps with SEO, blogging, social media strategy and provides a range of other services. Amy provides lots of useful info on how to promote your business through an effective web strategy in order to start getting your medical writing company to rank on Google. You can’t afford to miss this!!


5 Things to Consider Before Taking on Subcontractors

If you find yourself turning away work routinely, good for you! You are obviously excelling at both 1) customer service and 2) delivering the writing that your clients want and need so that they keep coming back for more. You may be thinking from time to time about using subcontractors, but where to start? Here are 5 things to consider before taking on subcontractors. By Emma Hitt Nichols, PhD


Medical science liaison vs medical writing

Making a career choice between medical science liaison vs medical writing

Our guest is Dr. Jennifer Williams. Jennifer holds a law degree from Western Michigan University Law School. She also brings twenty-five years of experience working within the healthcare industry. She has been both a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and has implemented an MSL program. Jennifer serves on the Advisory Committee for the MSL Society and currently she represents Nascent Medical as our MSL Advisor.


Medical Science Liaison and Data Management

The approach to publication review, data analyses, data storage and information development can vary widely among industry professionals.  Additionally, this information can be used to assist in establishing curriculum for educational programs  – this can be possible through the subsequent analyses and identification of clinical gaps, scientific gaps, and knowledge gaps throughout the referenced material.  This process of collection and analysis of data leads to a standardized approach toward data management and knowledge transformation techniques within a MSL group, which in turn can evolve into best practices. Medical science liaisons need to be very good at data management.  (more…)

Medical Science Liaison approach to Strategy

The Medical Science Role: To become an effective Medical Science leader it is critical to understand the role of the Medical Science Liaison and to understand the legal philosophy that guides the Medical Science strategy. To provide light on these areas we will proceed through a few of the important factors and steps that lead to a good approach to strategy for a medical science liaison.


5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Medical Writer

As a long time hirer of freelance medical writers and having had a few crash-and-burn situations along the way, I feel I have finally got a handle on how to select freelance medical writers. Truth be told, only about 20% of people who call themselves freelance medical writers really do an excellent job at it. That’s not to be judgmental, but it’s like any profession—you have top performers and then you have those who are not top performers. Read below to learn more about hiring a freelance medical writer.


Physician Education Using Off-Label Indications

Dr. Jennifer Williams welcomes you to read her publication titled-The First Amendment: Physician Education Using Off-Label Indications Part One as it is one of the featured works in The MSL Journal. THE MSL, Journal of the Medical Science Liaison Society is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the MSL profession, providing insight on such topics as regulatory challenges, off-label promotion, scientific-information dissemination, and professional development to name a few.


Academic Programs and MSL Metrics Part 1

Today’s healthcare executives and leaders must have management talent sophistication to match the increased complexities of the healthcare environment.  Executives are expected to demonstrate measurable outcomes and effectiveness while at the same time gauge and quantify educational programs.  This article will focus on academic programs and MSL metrics.   (more…)

MSL role responsibilities

The MSL role responsibilities are very specific that you must be prepared to meet those responsibilities.  FDA looks beyond employee training records during inspections as one FDA investigator states.


Selecting and training a Medical Science Liaison

The role of the MSL has become central in contributing to the success of new pharmaceuticals and medical/diagnostic devices within the healthcare marketplace. Here Nascent Medical discusses the essential elements of selecting and training a Medical Science Liaison to ensure effectiveness in the field and accelerated capability.